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Training Shoes for Men: Find Your Favorite Brands of Men’s Training Shoes

Shop Men’s Training Shoes and Footwear

What Are Men’s Training Shoes?

Mens training shoes are designed to be used for athletic training and to support a wide range of motion, such as stopping, cutting, jumping, breaking, and changing direction fast during a workout. This makes mens training shoes perfect for various types of workouts. You can think of mens training shoes as your all-in-one pair of gym shoes.

What Should I Look for in a Training Shoe? 

When searching to find the right pair of mens training shoes, you must consider these vital factors, so as to reduce your risk of injury and maximise the efficiency of your workout exercises. Whether you’re looking to squat, lunge, cross-train, deadlift, or sprint your way to a fitter and stronger you, these four factors can help you when you shop for the right mens training shoes:

  • Stability: To get maximum benefits out of your training shoes, choose those with a sole that supports movement patterns that are as diverse as your training regime; such as an innovative and multi-density outsole that supports various motions and exercises, as this allows for improved impact control at initial contact while offering versatility and sturdiness in equal measures from the start of your workout.
  • Flexibility: To transition seamlessly from burpee to lunge to weight lifting with improved speed but minimal injury risk, you should shop for mens training shoes that support the natural movements of your feet. Shoes that offer you flexibility are perfect for these exercises because they offer the right amount of freedom in your movements for a quick change of direction.
  • Ample cushioning: Avoid training shoes that don’t bend at the same place as your toes because this may hamper your feet’s natural ability to “push off” through the forefoot. For a comfortable and supportive sole, shop for mens footwear with foam cushioning for improved comfort.
  • Supportive and durable uppers: Shop for training shoes made from materials that offer extra protection and support. 

Can I Use Running Shoes for Training?

While it may be tempting to grab your most comfortable shoes on your way to the gym, wearing the wrong shoes when exercising can increase your risk of injuries. Although training shoes and running shoes are pretty similar, training shoes support a wider range of motions, while running shoes are designed to support the repetitive motion of running and are designed with the proper cushioning required for long distances. 

Running shoes aren’t recommended for training because they don’t offer enough support and stability for lateral movements. In addition, doing plyometric exercises that involve side-to-side motions in running shoes can lead to accidental injury. If you are planning on training and improving your athletic ability, it is best to shop for mens training footwear that is built for workouts.

What’s the Difference Between Trainers and Sneakers?

Sneakers is a broad term for shoes that are designed for everyday wear. Some mens sneakers may also be built with athletic exercise in mind. But trainers are meant for versatile training, including plyometrics, aerobics, and weight lifting. Structurally, trainers are designed to support lateral movements, whereas some types of sneakers may be designed this way, but most are not. When you are training and doing intense workouts, it is best to wear mens training shoes rather than mens sneakers.

What INTERSPORT offers

Intersport offers a wide variety of mens training shoes that will help you stay comfortable and agile while training . Whether you prefer training on a treadmill, trails, or sidewalk, you have the option to choose from many different styles and fits from all of your favorite brands such as ASICS, Nike, New Balance…you name it! Intersport’s selection of mens training shoes will give you the support you need to tackle your next run.

Questions About Our Brands and Footwear

If you have questions regarding our selection of mens training shoes, please reach out to us. We would be happy to help answer any questions you have about our shoes and to help you find the right pair of training shoes.

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