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Men’s Basketball Shoes

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Mens Basketball Shoes – NIKE, adidas, Jordan, and more

What should you look for in basketball shoes?

Basketball shoes are unique and designed specifically to help your feet and ankles cope with the rigorous demands on the game.

The first thing you should look for is the quality of materials used. Because of the physical demand you’re putting on your feet, legs and core, you want to be sure your basketball shoes can withstand some rough and tough treatment. If they are not made from high quality materials, they will be unlikely to meet your needs on the court. The second thing you need to check is that they are indeed specifically basketball shoes.  Basketball shoes and running shoes are not quite the same — and it pays to check. Finally, you should make sure you obtain an ideal fit. Ensure the shoes are the right size and design for your feet to maximise comfort and support. Basketball shoe sizes can vary, and it’s much better to invest in a high quality pair of basketball shoes than to go with the less expensive ones that may wear down quicker — which in turn wears down your body as well.

What are the best shoes for basketball?

The best shoes for basketball contain several important elements. First, the sole is often different from other sports shoes. Because basketball courts can be slippery surfaces and players do a good deal of running, stopping, and rapidly changing direction, the risk of sliding and potential injury is high if you’re not wearing the correct shoes. Basketball shoes have firm grips on the soles often in a hexagon or herringbone pattern. This allows for maximum grip without compromising on a player’s ability to run. The second main feature of the best basketball shoes are a higher upper sole to provide stability and support to the ankles and a cushioned inner sole. Because of the multiple starts, stops, direction changes and jumps, these two components are critical for basketball shoes.

Are basketball shoes worth it for men?

Basketball is a fast-paced and intense sport that places enormous demands on the body. If you do not have the right shoes, you could not only risk performing poorly in the game, but you could also potentially suffer significant injuries. Slipping and sliding on the court could result in you hurting yourself or other players. The long-term impacts of playing basketball with incorrect shoes can be even more severe. Without properly cushioned soles to reduce the shock to your body from jumping and frequent stops, starts and direction changes, your joints can become degraded over time. Investing in a good quality pair of basketball shoes is undoubtedly worth it if you are a regular player; they will help keep your body safe as well as improve your overall performance.

How much do basketball shoes usually cost?

The cost of basketball shoes varies widely, but it is important to avoid just choosing the most expensive because of the perception that it is the best, or the least expensive in order to save money. Your primary concern when choosing basketball shoes should be whether they are right for you. Consider the fit, the design, how they feel and support your feet and ankles.

How do I find the best basketball shoes?

To find the best basketball shoes for you, we recommend visiting your local INTERSPORT store and trying a few pairs on and lightly trying out how they feel on your feet. How did the last good pair of basketball shoes feel when you first tried them on? Try to match that, so that you know how they will wear in. Comfort on the court translates to a better performance and lower risk of injury.

What Intersport offers – Nike, adidas, and all your favorite basketball shoe brands

INTERSPORT offers a huge selection of new arrivals of basketball shoes for all your needs on the court. Choose from many different styles, sizes and fits from all of your favorite brands. INTERSPORT’s selection of basketball shoes will make sure you play your best game yet.

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