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Basketball Shoes

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Kids Basketball Shoes

How Do You Choose the Right Basketball Shoes for Kids?

Basketball shoes for boys, girls, and youth are meant to be used when playing basketball, so they should have certain features to make playing the game enjoyable and comfortable. They should meet your kid’s footwear needs, offer comfort to their heels and toes, and offer fantastic traction while jumping and moving around the court.

Besides using the shoes on the basketball court, your child can wear them when attending preschool, school or other activities. Here are three tips to help you buy the right basketball shoes for your child. 


Your kid’s basketball shoes need to be comfortable, and their comfort largely depends on cushioning. Basketball shoes typically come with either foam and air cushioning. However, shoes with air cushioning are more comfortable for boys and girls than those with foam cushioning. When making a choice of shoes for your child, be sure the basketball shoes you choose are both breathable and lightweight to allow your child to perform well in the game and with their team

Outer Sole

The outer sole should give the basketball shoes better traction. Shoes with good traction prevent accidental falls on the court and while training. You should choose a pair of kid’s basketball shoes that work on different surfaces, and it’s wise to go for a rubber sole, as it should have a pattern that gives the shoe better traction. The sole will give the shoe a tight grip, improving your kid’s mobility on the basketball court. 

Style of the Basketball Shoes

If your kid likes to be cool, it’s good to buy them a stylish pair of basketball shoes. Boys and girls may have different style preferences, so ask them to pick their favourite design. The aesthetic nature of basketball shoes doesn’t improve your kid’s performance in the basketball game, but it improves their confidence, which can improve the way they feel about themselves and their performance. Here at INTERSPORT, we have a variety of shoe brands, sizes, and colours available.

How Do You Buy the Right Kids’ Basketball Shoes Sizes?

The basketball shoes you buy for your kid should fit well. That will ensure your child is comfortable while playing and doesn’t sustain any injuries on their ankles and feet. Typically, you should buy basketball shoes half a size larger than your kid’s current feet size. This translates to the proper lengths being 0.5 cm to 1 cm between the tip of the footwear and your kid’s longest toe. The shoes should also be of the right width to fit your child’s feet perfectly. If your kid has wide or narrow feet, you should try a variety of basketball shoes sizes to find a perfect match. 

How Do I Determine What Age Group Basketball Shoes Sizes Are For?

There’s always a letter and number associated with boys and girls basketball shoe sizes. INTERSPORT uses the letter “K” to identify basketball trainer sizes for toddlers through preschool age children. Basketball shoe sizes with a “K” go up to size 13.5. After 13.5K a new size range starts. Basketball shoe sizes for boys and girls start from size 1 to size 7. So, a size 1 is bigger than size 13.5K. 

What Are the Best Brands of Kids Basketball Shoes?

The best brands of kids’ basketball shoes are Nike, Adidas, and Puma. These brands make the best basketball shoes for kids, and there are a wide variety of sizes and colours available. The right basketball shoes for kids should be made with high-quality materials, and they should provide adequate cushioned support on the sole. 

What Intersport offers

INTERSPORT offers a huge selection of new arrivals of basketball shoes for all your needs on the court. Choose from many different styles, sizes and fits from all of your favorite brands. INTERSPORT’s selection of basketball shoes will make sure you play your boys and girls play their best game yet.

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